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Example of our previous projects

Business technology evaluation and implementation

The contract was to manage the selection and implementation of business software, and the improvement of processes.

The process: map and analyse the current systems and processes analyse the requirements for growth and improvement within the business research, trial and report on different software options select the most suitable business software implementation and training.

Optimisation - Inventory Advanced Pricing

The contract was to facilitate the restructure of inventory pricing and customer advanced pricing set up.

The process: listen to the customers’ frustrations and problems with the current system research and test different pricing models within the system to simplify the process develop a concept and project plan for change implement the process improvement with 100% buy-in from all involved.

Business process improvement

The contract was to design and implement an improved process flow for the administration of the business. The aim was to eliminate waste from duplication of data input and time-wasting tasks, as well as improve reporting and analysis.


NXP has gone through a tremendous amount of change in the last 12 months and Jane Foote from Working Smart has been instrumental in making the change a success.

In Jane’s first 6 months with NXP she led a project team focused on separating from our parent company in Sydney Australia. This included a SAP Implementation in a very complex IT footprint affecting nearly all functions and systems running the business day to day.

Jane was instrumental to achieving the goals, ahead of schedule and ahead of budget. Jane demonstrated phenomenal communication, quick problem solving, cross functional leadership whilst an ability to get hands on when required.

Since the transition Jane has spent the last 6 months within our finance function – an area most challenged through the transition, with an entire new team on an entirely new system. Jane’s leadership has prioritised our financial tasks, put in place fundamental processes and created project teams with clear goals and focus.

It has been a pleasure watching Jane shine within in our business and I’d gladly recommend her to any business in New Zealand looking for process management or financial management expertise. 

Joe Taylor, CEO
NXP Limited

Electrical Supply Corp (ESC) is a Hamilton based importer/distributor of electrical products to the electrical wholesale industry. After several years using an accounts program based on DOS and Linux software it was decided the time had come to update the program.
Jane Foote had previously help one of our sister companies go through the same process and so it was natural for us to draw on her experience when we started to evaluate our requirements.
Jane was instrumental in helping us consider all the options and pitfalls before we started and while you cannot cover everything, issues were minimised through the scoping and planning we carried out with Jane’s input.
ESC’s requirements led to specific software being written for the warehousing aspect of our business. Jane liaised with the relevant parties to ensure all aspects of the project were coordinated and brought in on time.
While replacing company accounting and logistics software is never an easy process, Janes experience and “can do” attitude ensured a successful outcome.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jane if you are planning a major upgrade to your business or are just looking for general help with the financials and management.

Andy Snelgrove, General Manager
Electrical Supply Corp

Smartbox is mobile self storage that comes to you. We contracted Jane from Working Smart in May 2012 to assist us with continuing the implementation and roll-out of a new integrated computer system within our group of companies in New Zealand and Australia, while our Systems Manager went on maternity leave. 

Jane was great to deal with and very quickly put our minds at ease because she had it all under control.  Jane spent time initally understanding our business processes, the new system and quickly took control to ensure the roll-out continued to run efficiently and smoothly.  We are very appreciative for Jane's project management expertise and would highly recommend her to any organisation requiring a top class consultant.

Jonelle Phillips, Director

In late 2010, we at Viking Roofspec found ourselves in the precarious position of having to re-build our pricing system - from scratch.

Until then, our pricing system had been (and certainly resembled) the result of several changes in accounting software systems over the decades during the days of the previous business owner. Each system had awkwardly attempted to cope with the idiosyncratic pricing strategies formulated by a series of managers; all of whom have since left the industry. Throw in  the previous business owner’s sale of its roofing division and one inherits a whole host of anomalies (especially in the area of pricing), that don’t go hand-in-hand with the progressive, 21st century image we at Viking Roofspec are trying to project.

I’ve painted the above scenario to partly outline the enormity of the project involved – a project managed by Jane Foote. In short, she not only executed it 100% accurately, but did so in a very short space of time.

To achieve this degree of success, one has to be a good listener with the intelligence to then digest the brief provided. Accordingly, Jane cleansed our untenable system of its nauseating complexities and blessed us with a fresh, intuitive system that now no longer requires the inside human knowledge of Customer Services and Sales people who’ve had to “hold it all together” in their heads.

Accordingly, I would have no hesitation in recommending Jane Foote as a consultant to see any project through; no matter the degree of complexity, to a successful outcome.

Brendan Sutton, Sales & Marketing Manager
Viking Roofspec

My first experience with Jane was in 2008/2009 when Jane was contracted to be acting Financial Controller (during my absence for two months) and to be part of our IT project team (of four) to install a new ERP system.

As Financial Controller:
Jane carried out the Financial Controller functions with methodical
efficiency, at a time when the Company was restructuring post being acquired, and
was at the early stages of setting up an Administration Dept.

Achievements included:

  • Maintaining our transitional arrangement with previous business
  • owner to operate all accounting functions on our behalf, but under our
  • direction.
  • Maintaining cash flow control within the guidelines set.
  • Carrying out management accounting reports to Parent Company on a timely and accurate basis.
  • Manage the transition from “old” Company contract services to setting up our own structure.

As part of our ERP implementation team: Jane was responsible for all financial aspects of the
implementation, and heavily involved on other operational areas of the implementation 

Milestones included:

  • Assisting with evaluation of new system (Greentree)
  • Setting up financial structures on the new system.
  • Familiarising herself with the new system.
  • Transfer of data.
  • Setting up temporary staff and training.
  • Operating to a tight implementation critical path.
  • Coordinating all financial aspects of the “ go live” process
  • Reconciling post implementation and trouble shooting and solving resulting issues.
  • Creating new reports and methodology to operate.
  • Assisting with the termination of the “old” system (JDE)

The project was implemented on time and within budget, and Jane was a large contributer to that successful outcome.

Post implementation: 2010 to current:
Jane has consulted to us to carry out the following:

  • Implement a new payroll system
  • Define operation processes and procedures
  • Assist with operational and system issues covering Job costing; inventory control; and improved reporting.
  • Improved data flow, by reducing duplication of data entry.
  • Providing better and more informative data for Management decision making.
  • Review of inefficient areas such as pricing models, and implementing and training staff on new approaches.
  • Trouble shooting on many operational, system and reporting issues.
  • Creating an environment of challenging the way we do things, and guiding us through new ways.

Jane is an ongoing support for our Company and is and will be engaged on various aspects of management, process, administration and related activities.

I have always found Jane to be resilient, forthright, diligent, and she always adds value to whatever area she is engaged in. She is a strong leader and packs a lot into any project she is engaged in.  She has an above average skill base in systems implementation, reporting; spreadsheeting, and general management of people and process.

I highly recommend utilising her abilities in areas of management; accounting; finance; systems implementations; and continuing operational improvements.

Iain Campbell
Financial Controller, Viking Group Limited

Our computer system had finally got to the stage where we had to replace it.  During a discussion with another business who had recently upgraded their system, Jane's name came up as the person who had assisted them during the process.

We approached Jane and outlined our issues.  She then visited and we jointly scoped out our requiremtns. She then went to market and found the system that best suited our requirements, which we duly purchased.

Jane then looked after setting up the system, migration of data and training of staff in the use of the new system.  She watched over the parallel run and promptly resolved the minor teething problems associated with implementing a new system.

We could not believe how easy and smooth the whole process was.  We are now moving into the second phase of the implementation and will continue to use Jane.  We found Jane easy to work with; she listened to our requirements and brought a very professional approach to the project.
We cannot speak highly enough of the job that Jane did for us, she made easy work of a job we had been dreading.

Pearl Stirrat, Office Manager
R H Freeman & Company Ltd

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