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About Working Smart

Smart on-call business services

Working Smart is owned and operated by Jane Foote. During my years’ operating in the business world, I have recognised a real need for on-call business services for small-to-medium-sized firms, lacking resource and experience to manage strategic projects such as software selection and implementation.

That’s where we can help by offering an experienced set of eyes to find smart solutions to your system and process challenges.  We have a number of consultants that work with us to offer our clients a range of experience, for example in the more technical areas of API and integrations and scripting for customisations.  All together we bring:

  • fresh ideas and improvement suggestions;
  • experience in a range of business software solutions and integrations;
  • proven management experience to see the project through;
  • continuous improvement strategies; and
  • solid Operations and Finance Manager experience.
Jane Foote

Jane Foote

“We strive to bring new ideas and new ways of looking at business challenges,” says Jane Foote. “Working Smart keeps it simple and focuses on ensuring the basics are done right."


I am a qualified chartered accountant and have been self-employed, either as a contractor or business owner, since 2004.

Over the years I have developed extensive knowledge and experience in project management of business software implementations and internal process improvement.

My passion is creating efficiency through continuous improvement of systems and processes.  This most often is accompanied with a change to business software to ensure IT is keeping up with the growth of my clients.

The Working Smart Method

The process starts with a consultation. Here we will discuss your immediate needs along with other critical elements of your business. This allows us to help you determine where resources should be spent to ensure value is added.

There's no need to employ full-time staff or pay huge consulting fees to larger firms.

Contact Working Smart for a free one-hour session and get started on making your business smarter!

“We are passionate about adding value and we gain satisfaction from our clients achieving their strategic goals that improve profitability.”