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Software + Process Automation to get your business working smart.

Working Smart will enable your business to add value through smart solutions to system and process challenges. We have the knowledge and experience to assist with selecting the right solution for your business and leading and supporting your team through the change.

The core of our business revolves around:

Process Automation

The use of technology to automate 
repeatable, day-to-day tasks. Business Process Automation is a highly strategic enabler of business control and agility.
As demand increases for businesses to perform more complex, labour-intensive tasks, the goal is to automate as many manual processes as possible. Some of the many benefits a business can experience through investing in process automation are:

  • Reduced costs - automation allows you to accomplish more with fewer resources;
  • Improved operational efficiency;
  • improved quality and consistency;
  • greater visibility of important metrics;
  • reduced turnaround times with workflow automation;
  • reduction of human error;
  • better collaboration; and most importantly greater customer satisfaction

Software Solutions

Assisting with selection and implementation of smart software solutions that enable your Businesses strategic objectives. These solutions may consist of:

  • Accounting Software e.g. Xero and Accredo;
  • ERP Systems e.g. Netsuite, Greentree, SAP;
  • Cloud application software that integrates with your main system to provide a particular process automation task e.g. CRM system, Unleashed Inventory or Paper Trail; 
  • A combination of all of the above to enable growth and to meet your process automation objectives.


Supporting your team through the change initiatives by providing:

  • experienced project management to the implementation of the process automation and software solutions;
  • full training; and on-going support as required.

Working smart can:

Help you manage your business' performance and growth through business process automation

Assist with selecting smart technology with our expertise in business software solutions

Analyse and manage change to your day-to-day tasks with process mapping and automation

Provide experienced project leadership to your team

Applying smart changes to day-to-day tasks can be all it takes to gain a competitive edge by increasing revenue, improving customer satisfaction, boosting employee productivity and reducing costs.

Ask yourself the following questions

Is your business' performance meeting expectations?

Are you able to grow without hiring more staff?

Is technology meeting your needs?

Do you, or your team have time to manage strategic projects?

Do you have the in-house resources/experience to evaluate and implement the business technology that best fits your business?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, we want to talk to you about how we can assist.

What our clients are saying

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